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Painting Filling Machine 10-20L Barrel Weighing Machine (special for middle barrel)
Feature1. Filling Method: Filling from top.
2. Control Mode: Manual setting filling way, micro switch control.
3. Conveying Mode: Roller Type Conveying without engine.

4. Own digital displaying filling quantity function, can finish multi-kinds filling quantity   setting.
5. Automatic peeled, based on net weight filling function.
6. Own vacuum withdrawing function to avoid anti-drip.
7. With manual & automatic micro switch control system function.
8. Dual speed control function to prevent splashing.
9. With emergent treatment to avoid misuse and protect power-off.
10. With SUS316 material of inside pipeline, which is liquid contact part.
 Application of 10kg automatic big lids buckets weighing filling caps falling press capping machinery automated line:
Weighing filling machine is made based on international technique, with filling and electronic weigh, electronic displaying functions.


It is suitable for medium bucket filling of various kinds of viscous, non-viscous, corrosive and non-corrosive liquid.
Basic parameter of three heads paint liquid filling capping machinery:
Type   Accuracy
Weighing Range  Filling Speed  Air Supply  Power Supply   Dimension(mm)  Weight   ±0.2%  5-30kg  120-150pcs/
hour   165L/min  AC220V 50HZ
1000x650x1450   80 kg

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