fully automatic filling machine

honey cream thick sauce forming filling sealing machine cups filler sealer equipment fully automatic

honey cream thick sauce forming filling sealing machine cups filler sealer equipment fully automatic

Model YX-70A Series chocolate form fill seal machine automated food packaging machinery horizontal packing equipment
Horizontal Form Fill Seal Chocolate Paste Packaging Machine   

Application of honey cups forming filling sealing machine:

YX-70A series plastic cup forming and filling and sealing machine is used for production of yogurt, milk, fruit juice, jam and condiment etc. It features automatic.

Feature of cream forming filling sealing equipment fully automatic:

cream filling machinery.jpg
1.The machine is specially for food packaging such as chocolate, jam etc. From cup form,fill,seal,cut and product discharge automatically.
2 machine-tool track type of casting machine-base, taken these processing like backfire, maturing, high benchmark and without distortion.
3 Each box of section processed through professioral, equiipmert,to assure high precision and good exchangeability.
4 Forming, sealing, slitting are all could be adjust freely on the track with triangle string and flat string, strong applicability. Small oversize, save installation space.
5.Reducer adapts parallel-axes bevel wheel, to avoid loose and smooth between chain or strap when it is driving.
6.Stroke can be adjust freely, widely used, ease of operation, stable running.
7 .adapts up and down net pattern concavo-convex to conjugate,multi-step air cylinder, double-heat sealing. Quality sealing.
Main Technical Specification of cups forming filling sealing machine model YX-70A-04

machines ready in factory.jpg

Cutting Frequency(times/min)

10-30 times/min

Max shaping areas and depth(mm)


Air Pressure(kw)


Total power

380V/220V 50Hz 6kw

Packing Material




Mould Cooling

Tap water or Back water

Overall Dimensions(nn)




forming filling sealing machine.jpg

Basic configuration of cups form fill seal equipment model YX-70A

 drawing of forming filling sealing equipment.jpg

1 PLC adopt Delta from Taiwan

2 Touch screen adopt Hitech

3 Servo motor adopt Delta from Taiwan

4 Electric equipment adopt Schneider

5 Filling air cylinder adopt AIRTAC

Samples of cups like honey cream from forming filling sealing machine

cups honey cream.jpg

cups filling sealer.jpg


cups filling machine.jpg

Wooden case packing for honey cream form fill seal equipment horizontal packaging model YX-70A

plywooden case packing.jpg

Terms and condition:

terms conditions for forming filling sealing.jpg

Warranty :Price includes warranty against manufacturing defects and faulty workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of dispatch. The warranty will be rendered null and void if any changes are effected without our permission.

Test :Done to the machine at the manufacturer’s site before shipment and remainder payment

Package    Wooden case

Installation :Transportation and accommodation and any other fee arising out of the performance of installation and testing shall be at the buyer’s expense. Two engineers will be dispatched for installation, startup of the machine, and training to the factory staffer (including lessons and one trouble shooting session) at a fee of USD50 per day each person

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