perfume filling machine

magnetic pump filling machine cosmetic liquid water low viscosity filler equipment semi automatic

magnetic pump filling machine cosmetic liquid water low viscosity filler equipment semi automatic

Before installation and use of the machine please read the manual carefully.

Check the packing list and configuration of machine after getting the machine

The machine enjoys one year guarantee,during which we take charge of the maintenance and reparation without charging our customer(excluding the case that customer operates the machine without following strictly the instruction)

The machine adopts the magnetic pump as the actuator .Turn off the power supply before dissembling the magnetic for cleaning and repairing least it cause the damage on the motor and filling part.

The controlling part and magnetic parts are commissioned before shipping. Don’t dissemble these parts after receiving the machine.

The supply power should be 220/50hz or 110V/60HZ

The machine should be kept away from the strong interference source like air compressor/Arc Welding machine/High frequency furnace etc .

The machine should be kept away from the High temperature source like ultraviolet oven in case the machine suffers the overloading;

The machine should be placed on the dry place and never let the liquid or water splash into the radiator outlet in order to avoid the short circuit


magnetic pump filler drawing.jpg


         Fig 1  single head magnetic filler  Fig2 Double head magnetic filler

drawing of magnetic pump filler.jpg

                                          Fig3 Four heads Electric magnetic filler

 back view of magnetic filler.png


Fig4 Back video for magnetic filling machine       Fig5  Control panel for magnetic filling


  High-efficientFast in filling processsuitable in small-medium scale production 

  Speed controlled by inverter,run in uniform; both Chinese and English control panel,easy to operate and clean; 

  Tabletop machine box,small and convenient,durable,easy to maintain; 

  Made-in-Japan motor; 

   Filling nozzles vary from one to eight pcs

Suitable for non-granular liquid low viscosity water  


filling process.jpg

Filling process for magnetic pump filling machinery

Control Panel

SupportSupporting the output pipe,adjusting the hight of pipe;

Filling pipeFilling materials from the pipe to the filling container;

Delivering pipeConnecting the filling head magnetic pump and single-direction valve,materials made of silica;

  Magnetic pumpDriving source to deliver the liquid in quantity

  Single-direction ValveGlass valvestop the materials to return into the hopper when machine is in standby

Flow knobturn the knob to control the flow rate of materials;

Control panelCore components,by means of controlling which the machine can be run normally;The filling time(filling volume)/time interval;

also by adjusting the control panel the mode between auto and manual can be switched.

filling control panel.jpg

Power switchcontrol the power supply

Filling machineinside there exists the magnetic pump and other electronics

Start/stop Buttonwhen the machine is equipped with two or more nozzles the filling nozzles can work separatively by controlling this button

  Radiator OutletEmit the heat to lower the temperature of machine;

  Pedal Plugwhen the machine is in manual mode connect the plug to run the machine in manual filling mode;

  Power SocketPower supply

Basic parameter of model YX-I magnetic pump filling machine:

semi automatic filler.jpg
filling liquid.jpg

filling machine 4 heads.tif

Filling volume    ≤20 bpm   
Power              40w
Speed 25bpm
Flow rate    ≤20ml/swater   
Power supply    AC220V 50/60Hz
Filling volume    1ml-5000ml(Adjustable)   
Outlet diameter    φ6mm(Standard)\φ8mm\Customizable
Filling error    ≤±0.5   
Relative Humidity    10 -85 Non-condensing
Filling head    1 nozzle/2 nozzles/4 nozzles   
Temperature    10-90
Machine materials    Stainless steel   
Protection Level IP 32
Size    385mm×295mm×210mm   
Machine weight    15KgExcluding spare parts

Application of magnetic pump filling equipment model YX-I

Application of magnetic filler.jpg

If the supply power in customer's country is 110V/60HZ there should be equipped with the invertor inside the machine:

invertor for magnetic filling machine.jpg

The wooden case with protectice foam inside it before DHL shipping

TD filling packing.jpg

packaging wooden case before shipping.jpg

ready for shipping magnetic pump filling machine.jpg


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