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Automatic Disposable Cup Face Mask Forming Making Machine N95 masks with breathing valve production line

Automatic Disposable Cup Face Mask Forming Making Machine N95 masks with breathing valve production line

This machine is developed using state-of-the-art high technology in cooperation with professional engineers. It is a mask making equipment widely recognized for its high production speed, high stability and full configurations. What the operator need do is putting the raw materials on the feeder, after completing all settings, let the machine run automatically. It realizes virtual full-process automatically production, except packaging process which requires only 1 worker. The equipment adopts ultrasonic welding, which allows the product to be sleek in appearance, the production to be hygienic and environmentally friendly. The output is 20-40 pcs/minute, and the daily output can reach 25000-50,000/day. the length of nose bridge is adjustable, and the tolerance of product size is ±1mm. Depending on customer’s requirements, different specifications of masks are available by replacing some molds. It can produce 1-6 layers of non-woven mask sheets. We can provide the design tailoring your requirements. Our products are sleek in appearance, stable in performance, low in failure rate, compact in size, small in footprint. It is aluminum alloy structure, which allows it to be sleek, solid and rustless.

Cup-shaped face masks making line Features
Drawing line.jpg
1. It uses aluminum alloy structure, which is sleek, solid and rustless.
2. Computer PLC control, high stability, low failure rate and low noise.
3. Servo motor and step motor drive, high precision.
4, Photoelectric detection of raw materials prevents errors and reduces waste.
5. The machine mount uses pulleys and fixed feet, which is easy and fast to move, strong in stability, and does not shake.
6. This model is equipped with new advanced conveyor belt, which automatically collects products with high accuracy, so the work need to do is collection and packing only.
7. The equipment can be modified according to product requirements, product size, length and thickness.
8. Different earloop machines can be configured according to specific production orders, allows the production to be economical and pragmatic. It completely solves the big issues that the customer faces such as capital cost + floor space + staffing, virtually brings great economic benefits to customers.

Product specification of face mask making line fullyl automatic

CUP face mask machine.jpg

face mask cups.jpg

face mask cups.jpg

Model YX-FM20
 Electric Control  Mitsubishi PLC
 Control Panel  Human-computer interface(Touch screen)
Process Loading-Nose clip melting-Earloop weling-Breather valve hole punching-breather valve welding-Collect
 Supply Voltage  220VAC,50/60HZ,1Phase
 Power 4.5KW
 Air Pressure  0.5-0.6Mpa
 Ultrasonic Frequency  20KHZ
 Capacity  15-20PCS/MIN
 Mask Shape  Cup type
 Material Application  Terylene ear-loop
 Dimensions  3800*1860*1800MM
Net Weight 1150Kg
The above parameters and configuration is for reference only, specific configuration by mutual agreement shall prevail

Not only machines we produce but as well we make the disposable and N95 medical use face masks as well. We have a lot

masks in stock. Please contact us for price and lead time.

N95 face mask for hospital use (2).jpg

N95 face mask for hospital use (3).jpg

N95 face mask for hospital use (5).jpg
Main electrical parts  Parts of mask blank machine:

1. Variable frequency motor
2. Ultrasound: 4 sets
3.PLC control system: 1 set
4. Electronic eyes and sensing fiber
5. Step motor
6. Cylinder:
7. Electronic eyes: 15 sets
Parts of conveyor:

Variable-speed motor: 1 set

Final face mask output from Cup form face mask line:

cup face mask illustration.jpg

final product Cups face mask.jpg

The one without Breath Vent:

N95 face masks.jpg

Machine wooden case packaging&Shipping

shipping face mask cup making line.jpg


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