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Wet glue cold paste labeling machinery semi automatic for plastic glass bottles paper labels labell

Wet glue cold paste labeling machinery semi automatic for plastic glass bottles  paper labels labell

is suitable for columniform container with paper sticker, and the glue can be industrial glue. It can complete automatically the sticker separating, glueing, labeling and pressing sticker at one time,

and it can label the sticker partially or allround. It is fit for using for the more specification and less quantity. It is applied for food, alcohol and medicial industry.

Main character from model YX-WL8100 wet glue labeling machinery semi automatic:

CAD drawing for labeling machinery wet glue.png

CAD drawing of wet glue labeller.jpg

1. It can use the common paper label and debase the producing cost.

2. It is convenient and time-saving to replace the different specificte container and sticker,

and it needn’t to be adjusted.

3. Adopt imported electiric components;

4. Adopt 304 stainless steel and alloy which is dealt with anodic oxidation except the shelf.

Basic parameter of semi automatic wet glue labeling machine for plastic&glass bottles:

put glue.png

put labels.png

start labeling.png

workable label width 70 - 200mm
workable lable height 30 - 180mm
suitable bottle diameter 30 - 120mm
suitable bottle height 30 - 230mm
labeling speed 900 - 1800BPH
labeling accuracy ±1.0mm
machine power 80w
machine weight about 37kg
machine dimension 630 x 430 x 330mm

Configuration of model YX-WL8100 wet glue labeling machine semi automatic:


Item Description Qty. Material
1 Feeding mechanism 1 pc SUS, Aluminum alloy
2 Sizing mechanism 1 pc SUS, Aluminum alloy
3 Covering mechanism 1 pc SUS, Sponge tube
4 Base 1 pc Aluminum alloy
5 Screw down mechanism 1 pc Aluminum alloy, POM
6 Paper inserting mechanism 1 pc SUS
7 Leading mechanism 1 pc Aluminum alloy
8 Adjustment mechanism 1 pc Copper, SUS, Aluminum alloy
9 Cover frame 1 pc Painting metal plate


Item Description Qty.  
1 Variable speed motor 1 pc  
2 Speed controller 1 pc  
3 Electromagnetic clutch 1 pc  
4 PLC 1 pc  
5 Sensor 1 pc  


The processing of how to operate wet glue labeling machinery semi automatic:

process for wet glue labeling machinery semi automatic.png

Competitive Advantage:
1. One year warranty for the whole system
2. Free equipment installation and debugging
3. After one year, we can help you to maintain the machine and the accessories are provided only one the cost price
4. Every 3 years, we can help to overhaul the machine free (Labor)
5. We can provide internship service and help you train the operator and mechanic
6. Free production technology and process configuration
7. We can help you to design the production line, workshop and provide turn-key project

wooden case packing for wet glue labeling machinery.jpg


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