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fully automatic packing equipments

disposable chopsticks packing machine toothpicks &chopstic coating film paper wrapping bags sealing packaging equipment

disposable chopsticks packing machine toothpicks &chopstic coating film paper wrapping bags sealing packaging equipment

Automatic Bamboo Chopstick Paper Bag Packing Machine
This machine can cut printed OPP film or Tectorial paper draft by automatically,pack one pc toothpick and one pair chopsticl ,.machine is controlled by CNC ,using Panasonic PC.,touch screen ,Taida Motor and KEYENCE light sensor etc,it is a updated technical design and digital control automatic packing machine,it can pack different shape of chopstick( no need to change spare parts),control chopstick ,toothpick packing automatically,which also can select the damaged production ,you can see easy at touch screen of the packing speed ,production lots ,quantity and quantity of bad production.

Basic parameter of chopstick packing machine:

bags sealing machine.jpeg

model YX-CP500 chopsticks packing machine (2).jpg

Chopsticks wrapper.jpeg

Model YX-CP500 packing machine.jpg

Model YX-CP500

Packing Speed 400~ 600 pcs/min

Sealing type: 3 sides sealing or 4 sides sealing for single chopstick, back sealing bag former finish big sachet

Bag Width 15~100mm

Bag length 230~280mm

Measuring Range

pack one by one , multi pcs in one bag

Machine Power 220V,50/60HZ,1.2KW

Machine overlooking size    (L)1900*(W)1060*(H)1450MM

Packing Material    Paper Film

Machine Weight    650kg

Working process of chopsticks packing machine:

 working process of chopstick packing machine (2).jpg

1st step: Setting the packing film on the holder

working process of chopstick packing machine (2).jpg

2nd step: Pull the toothpick into the toothpick holder
High Speed Chopstick Plastic Bag Counting Packaging Machine

working process of chopstick packing machine (2).jpg

3rd step: The stainless steel toothpick mold will arrange the toothpick automatically

4th step: The ink hold will print the customers' logo

model YX-CP500 chopsticks packing machine (1).jpg

Samples of chopsticks package:

chopsticks samples (2).jpg

chopsticks packing machine (2).jpg

chopsticks samples from packing machine.jpg

Annotations: The brief history of chopsticks

It’s funny how much you can pick up with just two simple sticks (and a bit of practice, of course) – which makes us wonder why the Western world even bothered with forks. But how did chopsticks make their debut?

The earliest pair was found in China and dates back to 1200BC. It’s believed that they were only used as a tool to grab food off fire and were considered to be an extension of the fingers. They slowly became common due to China’s population growth, as food gradually had to be cut into smaller pieces.

Confucius actually played a role in the rise of the chopstick. Around 500AC, the vegetarian philosopher stated that knives or anything sharp and pointy shouldn’t be placed on a table, as it would remind people of slaughterhouse violence. This also explains why Chinese chopsticks have a rounder shape, compared to the ones found in Japan or Korea. The latter only first appeared around 500AC – when Chinese culture began flooding into Japan via Korea.

The English word “chopstick” is an amusing translation of the Chinese word Kuaizi (筷子), which literally means “quick stick”. The word got derived from Chinese Pidgin English, where “chop chop” meant “quickly”. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest published use of the word was found in the 1699 book “Voyages and descriptions” by William Dampier

Japanese call chopsticks hashi or otemoto, a phrase commonly printed on the wrappers of disposable chopsticks. “Te” means hand and “moto” means the area under or around something and the “o” is just a polite prefix.

chopsticks history.jpeg

At first, Japanese chopsticks were considered precious, and were only used during religious ceremonies.

Japan now has numerous styles of chopsticks used for specific purposes, including cooking, eating specific meals or sweets, and funerals. Wood, bamboo and plastic are the most common materials, but bone, metal, and ivory can also be found. Japanese chopsticks come in different sizes: kids and women don’t use the same ones as men, as their hands are smaller.
japanese chopsticks

Japan also invented disposable chopsticks in 1878, which triggered a serious deforestation. If approximately 4000 chopsticks are made out of one tree and China uses 80 billion disposable chopsticks each year, how many trees are cut yearly? That’s right, you suck at math. The answer is 20 million – so you might want to bring your own pair next time you’re going for sushi.
chopsticks disposable

disposable chopsticks packing machine toothpicks &chopstic coating film wrapping bags sealing packaging equipment


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