semi automatic filling machine

capsule making machine semi automatic capsule filling machine medicine powder granules filler equipm

capsule making machine semi automatic capsule filling machine medicine powder granules filler equipm

YX series semi-automatic capsule filling machine for small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies, health care products factory, hospital preparation room carefully crafted a set of electricity, gas as one of the new semi-automatic capsule filling machine, novel structure, attractive appearance, body and work tops, stainless steel, the product meets the GMP requirements; machine with programmed control system, touch panel operation (V-type), frequency conversion stepless adjustment of the joint control of pneumatic and electronic automatic counting device can automatically complete the capsule of the U-turn on spaces, separation (cap body torn off), drug filling, locking etc, and filling dose accuracy, easy to operate. Apply powder, granular medicines and health products in capsule filling! Is the ideal semi-automatic capsule filling machine

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Features on capsule filling machine semi automatic model YX-CS800

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The flights canceled the traditional gear box variable speed drive. Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, to solve the existing traditional machine head and tail part of the great weaknesses of the weight deviation, so that institutions simplify machine maintenance and easy operation. Automatic place, separation, stopping by the photoelectric counting control, motion sensitive and reliable.







It applies to empty hard capsule filling of powder, granular medicines and health products.


Main technical parameters:



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Maximum capacity

25000 capsules/hour

Capsule size

00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3 #, 4 #, 5#

Air pressure

0.4 – 0.6 MPa

Air supply

 0.1 m3/min


2.12 KW

Power supply

AC,380V/50HZ 3 phase or customization

Net weight

330 kg

Overall size

1450 x 750 x 1650 mm

Gross weight

400 kg

Packing size

1800 x 800 x 1750 mm


Ancillary equipment:


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a vacuum pump, air compressor (user-owned)


Spare parts:



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There are 3 stations in this semi-auto capsule filling machine
(Model YX-CS800). The first one is orientation of capsule, the second one
is powder filling ,and the last one is capsule closing.

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The functions of first station include capsule feeding, aligning 
and insertion into bores of holding ring . Also, vacuum is used
for separating capsule cap and body in first station. After 
orientation of capsule, capsule cap can stay in upper holding 
ring and capsule body can stay in lower holding ring.

Separate the holding ring,put the lower (body) holding ring on the rotary table, pull the powder hopper over the lower (body) holding ring, then auger inside powder hopper starts to run and fill powder into the capsule body. While I ower holding ring turns one circle, push powder hopper to its original opsition.
Put upper holding ring and lower holding ring together, then take the holding ring ahead of ejector and aim ejector at the bores of holding ring . Use hydraulic cylinder to push ejector and let it press capsules for closing. Finally push capsules inside the bores of holding ring out, the finished capsules will be output through the pipe . 

Capsule filling machine semi automatic model YX-CS800 in stock


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Packaging&shipping for capsule filling machine semi automatic


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