fully automatic sealing machines

automatic HDPE Bottles jars aluminum foil Plastic film sealing machine heating sealer equipment line

automatic HDPE Bottles jars aluminum foil Plastic film sealing machine heating sealer equipment line

The automatic sealing machine is designed based on various needs from customer. With beautiful shape, exquisite structure, it is easy to operate and performs solid sealing.

Integrating light, electricity and air into one, featured by touch screen user-machine interface, constant temperature heating, in-built sharp blades, air pressure as power, instant down pressing for cutting sealing film, nice-looking sealing,electriceye label sensing, auto waste material discharging, convenient operation, and low fault rate, it is a nice equipment for box and cup sealing.

Notes for use of model YX-FS30A automatic jars sealing machine:

Model YX-FS40 film sizes jars sealing.png

jars sealer equipment.jpg

1, Make sure grounding is well connected to ensure the safety of using electricity.

2, In case any accident happens, press down the emergency stop button first, and then turn off the power supply.

3, When the machine is in operation, do not put your hand into the machine.

4, Make sure the power supply is in conformity with the machine requirement.

5, Make sure air supply is firstly connected before any operation of the machine.

As below there listed for the basic parameter of automatic jars sealing machine model YX-FS40A:

drawing of sealingm achine.jpg

Basic parameter of machine jars sealing four heads automatic inline sealer model YX-FS40

side picture for jars sealing machinery.jpg

CONTROL PANEL for sealing.jpg

wire for sealing machinery.jpg

Weight:about 250 ㎏
Power supply:220V 50~60Hz
Power:about 3300W
Sealing temperature:50~300℃ can be adjusted
Constant thermostatic and deviation:automatic 、deviation±3℃。
Air pressure:0.5~0.7 MPa
Air consumption:≤0.04m3/min
Speed: about 1800-2200 pieces/h
sealing diameter:according to customer’s requirement
Bottle dimensions: according to customer’s bottles
Film material and sealing temperature:
PE:170℃-200℃。PS :180℃
Easy tear film:120℃-180℃
PE) :160℃-200℃

More details about jars sealing machine model YX-FS40

back side for sealing equipment.jpg

Basck side for jars sealing machine

touch screen for machinery.jpg

Touch screen information for operation of sealing equipment

capping head.jpg

Four head for heat-sealing jars

close shot for sealing heads.jpg

FAQ for jars sealing machine four heads aluminum foil&pre-cut film sealing machine

we will have 2 plastic HDPE containers ranging in sizes from 6oz and 10oz, which will require conduction sealing with precut aluminum foil, final drawings of the jars will be ready in the next week or two. please confirm your price of $7,159 below for a conduction sealer capable of handling up to 60 containers per minute. also, machine must be built based on United State Dairy code consisting of stainless steel construction.

  • the price for 4heads sealer machine model YX-FS40 is USD$12,015 based on 60pcs per min;
(exact specs i will provide) please confirm my questions below:
- does the power meet the demand in North America standard? also the plug
      • the machine with power supply 110V/60HZ; And the plug is North American stardard one;
-    please confirm changeover from sealing 6oz containers to 10oz containers can be achieved by changing mould as you quote for $595? if we have additonal containers such as these sizes will a simple mould be able to handle all different sizes apart from the 2 main sizes of 6oz and 10oz? in the sizes of 1lb, 3lb, we wouldnt require an aluminum seal but a plastic seal, let us know if your sealer can handle changeover from foil to plastic as well. please also confirm timing involved with changeover.
  • ►plastic seal is also okay for the sealing machine ; the change over from foil to plastic costs about 20min ; when we finish the machine we will demo the video of how to change in an efficient way ;

-    please confirm your sealer is capable of handling pre-cut aluminum foil and confirmation that based on roll size, you will guarantee that the sealer will seal 100% of the opening of jars
  • ►no problem for our machine to handle pre-cut aluminum foil in a roll;

-    please confirm how we can breakdown the machine to clean. this is a requirement for dairy code in the USA
  • ►How to clean the machine is only to do the cleaning for sealing heads which can be easily dissambled;

-    can you produce a rotary style conduction sealer such as this? if so, what is the price and what would be the advantage of rotary vs inline

-    I understand that your leadtime is 20 days and terms are 30% wire transfer and 70% prior to shipment, please confirm warranty and return policy if machine cannot perform based on our PO.
  • ►the warranty is 3years warranty; the return policy is within 15days after you cannot run the machine in your place by the right operation way and there is the fatal breakdown in the machine ;

-    how will you tie in after our jars are filled with yogurt to seal, need more information on transfer to sealer, ie-photoeye, relay etc required to transfer via conveyor to your unit accurately
  • ►tell us your current production line so that we will integrate your filling machine with our sealing machine model YX-FS40

-    what is waste factor and accuracy of sealing. is it required for a person to stand after sealer to make sure unit is sealing properly to reject anything not sealed?
  • ►The waste factor is near Zero; there is the sensor which can firstly detect the jars then seal; no sealing without detecting jars; no need someone standing at the end of machine if the machine is connected with other machine;

-    if your sealers designed speed is 60 jars per minute and our filler is designed at a lower speed, can we adjust the speed of the sealer?
  • ►the speed of our sealer can be adjusted from 35pcs to 60pcs per min;

-    please confirm all spare parts can be purchased as you mention from your rep in florida. please confirm their contact information. also, would like pricing on the spare parts so that we can purchase now to have in stock.
  • ►their contact information okay ; you can purchase the spare parts from our agent in FL;
  • see the form as below:
  • Item

    Spare parts


    Quantity required



    Heating tubes





    Cutting knife





    Heat probe















    Temperature-Controller meter





    Selenoid valve









-    please confirm machine will have instructions for setup and troubleshooting. In the event that we will need a technician here to help us with any problems we may have, please confirm the rate
  • surely see the manual instruction as the attached ;

-    please confirm that you can provide a machine based on drawings and not actual parts
  • ►Please send us the real jars and rolls so that we can ensure all be okay for you to operate the machine ;

after the jars are filled automatically via conveyor it will transfer to your sealer, so on to next stage of line, can you please confirm that your sealer would be complete as quoted and nothing would be missing? please indicate exactly what comes for the price quoted such as machine, conveyor, etc. We dont want to get the machine here and realized we would need anything else, it will delay our progress and we want to be able to produce without interruption, so if there are other parts required not quoted on your sealer, please let us know now.



 ►surely; the machine as a whole including conveyor belt and other parts to get the machine integrated with your current line ;

 Sealing samples for different product:

jars samples.jpg

samples for jars sealer.jpg

Wooden case packing for model YX-FS40 sealing machine:

4head jars packing wooden case.jpg

Maintenance on jars sealing machinery
1. Clean the heal sealing head regularly (must do this after power
supply have been cut off and recover to normal temperature)
2. Regularly lubricating the heat sealing head shaft and other parts .
3. If need to clean the cut knife, should cut off the power supply firstly
and recover to normal temperature.


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