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fully automatic packing equipments

Film stretch wrapper equipment for food cartons packaging Beverage industry pallet stretch wrapping machine automatic pipeline production packing machine

Film stretch wrapper equipment for food cartons packaging Beverage industry pallet stretch wrapping machine automatic pipeline production packing machine

Automatic Film Stretching and Wrapping Machine (stretching wrapper,pallet wrapping machine) is manufactured

to meet the packing requirement of containerization storage, transportation and mechanical loading, and unloading,

we design the auto film stretching and wrapping machine.

It is widely used in export and industries, such as beverage, foodstuff, can making, paper-making,dye,

plastic and chemicals, glass, pottery and porcelain, and electromechanical castings to lower packing cost,

increase production efficiency, prevent the goods from dusts and dampness and to protect the goods against damage during .transportation

Application of film stretch wrapping machine in picture illustration:


Basic characteristics From Stetching wrapping machine:

1. Adopt PLC programmable controller control. Can set wrapping circle number, can choose local strengthening, automatic reset, etc.

2. Equipped with human-machine interface, parameters setting simply and conveniently.

3. Designed concisely and maintain conveniently

4. Closed structure, strong and durable.

Turntable & Film carriage:

· Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film

· Film dancer-bar control film output 

· Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety

· Safety stop to avoid foot crush

· Hinged mast for easy handling

Ramp(top plate) is optional and specially designed for easy loading a pallet on the turntable.

stretch film.jpg


   Pallet wrapper/pallet stretch wrapping machine JL2100-B                                    



Start & stop mode:Soft start & stop                                      




Maximum turning diameter: 2100mm                               


Maximum load weight: 2000kg                                       


Turntable elevation: 110mm


Optional parts:


 1. Top platen-Press down device                                             2. Access Ramp-Easy for loading and unloading

Pallet wrapper/pallet stretch wrapping machine JL2100-B                                    Pallet wrapper/pallet stretch wrapping machine JL2100-B

   3. Touch screen-Convenient opearation

      Pallet wrapper/pallet stretch wrapping machine JL2100-B


Working methods:

This Stretch wrapping machine is a movable and manually operated rotary turntable device. to use stretch film to wrap the cartons.

a. The operator placed the cartons on the platform and adjusts vertical rods to secure bag according the luggage's size .

b. Then begin the wrap process, the operator press start button on control panel pack the cartons by a 3 to 5 layers of stretch film.

c.The operator cuts film tail and removed from the turntable.

d.The machine is ready to accommodate the next piece of carton.

details for pallet stretch.jpg


Ø Technology data of film stretch wrapping machine

press plate.jpg



Wrap size(L×W


Wrap height(max) 

L type:1800mm  H type:2400mm   Y type:2800mm    

Wrap efficiency 

20-40 Pallets/Hour 

Turntable speed 

0-12rpm Adjustable turntable speed 

Turntable diameter 


Turntable height 


Turntable weight capacity (max) 


Film carriage  

Film carriage with Mechanical brake (variable film tension control) 

Lift system     

Double chain structure,lift speed adjustable 

Control system   

PLC control,wrap layers adjustable,Turntable automatic reset,photo-eyes 

auto-height sensing 

Total weight(max)


Machine size    



Turntable:0.75kw  Film carriage:0.35kw  Lift system: 0.37kw`/AC220V 

Top plate(optional)



Custom made

Stretch Film Roll detail

Max. external diameter (D):

230 mm

Internal diameter (d):

76 mm

Film roll height (h):

500 mm

Film thickness:  

17-35 µm


Option for top plate


Motorised top platen

Machine color

Turntable diameter: 1800mm, 2000mm

Weight Capacity: 2500kgs , 3000kgs

Packing height:  2800mm ; 3000mm, 3200mm

Automatic stretch wrapping packaging machine equipped with pipelined production:

wrapper with rolls.jpg

line production.jpg

Packaging samples for film stretch wrapping machine automatic

details for pallet stretch.jpg

samples for stretch.jpg

Stretch wrapping machine in workshop

factory for stretch wrapping.jpg

 Fumigation-free wooden case packaging for ocean shipping:

wooden case packaging.jpg

After-sales service for film stretch wrapping machine model YX-1650L

after sale service filling machinery.jpg


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