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semi automatic sealing machines

Semi automatic earloops ultrasonic spot welding machine N95 fodling respirator&disposable mask welder equipment

Semi automatic earloops ultrasonic spot welding machine N95 fodling respirator&disposable mask welder equipment

This machine requires an operator to bring the mask sheet to a fixed position, and the finished product can be finished by pressing the switch. The inner ear and outer ear loop can be made by turning the direction. The parameter can be set by the touch screen. This machine has a more stable and high output.
Features of ultrasonic external ear mask machine:

1. Machine configuration

front pictures for sealer.jpg
The main accessories are: Japan's Mitsubishi PLC, joint venture brand servo motor, Chint cylinder, etc.
2. Small footprint
The footprint of this machine is equivalent to the ordinary foot-type earband spot welding machine, but the efficiency is several times higher. Easy to carry, only need 220V electricity and air pump to start working.
3.Stable structure
The long-term operation test proves that the structure is stable and the failure rate is extremely low. Unlike some machines with simple structures on the market, this model has a touch screen and PLC, which can check the status at any time. If there is a fault, it can be displayed, quickly locked and resolved.
4. Strong versatility
It can be used for flat masks and three-dimensional masks such as N95, only the position of the welding head needs to be changed.
5. Highly operational
Put the mask in place, press the foot switch, the machine can automatically complete the process of putting out, cutting and welding. It saves the shortcomings of manual electric welding mechanism line, alignment, and can only weld one point at a time, which greatly improves production efficiency. It is a sharp tool to replace manual electric welding machines and supplement automatic machines.
Basic parameters of face masks machine:



Model YX-UM50

VoltageAC220V 50Hz

Ultrasonic power2000W

Control system PLC control system


Speed 15-20pcs/min

Machine Weight 170kgs

Machine size 1200*700*1450MM

Machine model YX-UM50 face masks welding machine semi automatic:

side pictures on semi automatic welding machine.jpg

face masks earloop part.jpg

pneumatic parts for sealer.jpg

ultrasonic parts.jpg

Final product samples for welding earloops

samples face mask spot welding.jpg

Semi automatic face masks making machine:

related machine semi automatic line.jpg

Workshop on manufacturing semi automatic spot welding machine:

working shop.jpg



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