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stone coated roofing tiles making production line fully automatic stainless steel roof processing eq

stone coated roofing tiles making production line fully automatic stainless steel roof processing eq

This production line for stone coated roofing tiles from rolling to drying A to Z is 65.5m long.So we need the warehouse length is about 75mm and one of 2*3 air compressor room.
About worker:
1.Panle Loading one set
2.Bottom Spraying one set
3.Fill Stone one set
4.Face Glue one set
5.Bottom Glue Mixing one set
6.Finish Goods Receiving one set

automatic drying line for roofing tiles.jpg
colorful stone-coated metal roof tile making line,including two glue spraying room, one sandblasting room and two drying room.

drawing of roofing tiles.png

Here given as below the metal roofing making line part by part:

Whole line for roofing tiles color.jpg
1. Automatic bottom glue spraying equipment.

outside dimension:4000*1350*850mm.
structure:channel steel,welded.
transmission:2.2kw variable-frquency adjustable-speed motor 0-32 r/min.
conveying device:reciprocating chain conveys.
automatic glue spraying assembly:with motor:0.06kw
adsorption of dust removal equipment:1 set.
air compressor:1 set 0.9m3
automatic pressure glue canister:1 set range of adjustable pressure:0.1-0.6MPa.
automatic glue spraying gun:4 sets.
fill glue gun:5 sets.
glue gun stand: 1 set.
2 automatic sandblasting room

Roofing tiles ready for drying.jpg
outside dimension:3000*1850*700mm.
structure:channel steel,angle steel,welded.
transmission:with glue spraying equipment compound chain transmit.
convey device:compound chain transmit.
automatic sand hopper:1 set dimension:550*600*500mm.
automatic rising machine:1 set.rising height:1.9m power:300kg/h.
sand-blasting gun:4 sets.
3 first drying room

first drying room for stone roofing tiles.jpg
outside dimension:25000*800*1200mm.
structure:carbon steel welded.
frame type heat presservation wall:fill up with heat preservation material which is bended with 1mm carbon steel.
automatic temperature controller: 2 sets,range od adjustable temperature:0-160º.
infrared fluorescent tube:50 pcs.
conveying device:reciprocating chain conveys.
cooling device:1 set.
4 automatic surface glue spraying equipment

Glue spraying system.jpg
outside dimension:3000*850*700.
structure:carbon steel welded.
automatic glue spraying gun:2 sets.
automatic spraying assembly:1 set range of pressure:0.1-0.6 MPa.
adsorption of dust removal equipment :1 set.
manual spraying gun:5 sets.
5 second drying room equipment 

Roofing tiles stone coated line.jpg
outside dimension:30000*850*700mm.
structure: carbon steel welded.
frame type heat presservation wall:30m. fill up with heat preservation material which is bended with 1mm carbon steel.
conveying device:reciprocating chain conveys.
infrared heat tube:50 pcs.
automatic temperature controller:2 sets range of adjustable temperature:0-160°
conveying device:reciprocating connection conveys 30m.
cooling device:1 set.
automatic printing code and marketing:1 set of automatic printer.
total equipment matches total control station 1 set(control system)
producing :3-6m/min calculate as 1.2m per piece.eight hours,produce 1500 prc every day.
whole machine power:113kw

color stone type.jpg

different type of tiles roofing stone coated.jpg

Roofing tiles mainly divided into 6typs as follow: 1.Roman type ; 2.Classic Type; 3.Aspirant Type;
4.Flat Metal type; 5.Strength type; 6.Shingle type

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