Semi automtatic screw capping machine

pneumatic screw capping machine with support tripodal handheld capper equipment for big containers

pneumatic screw capping machine with support tripodal handheld capper equipment for big containers

Hand-held Pneumatic Capping machine is widely applicable to any thread cover unscrew or screw it has a wide range of screw cap, 

screw capping without bottle height, shape, size, weight restrictions, then  

unscrew the cap and unscrew the cover, convenient operation, low failure rate, low price and so on, 

is the best weapon tighten the screw cap. Especially suitable for high, larger, heavier bottle 

or bottle shape strange, or lid specifications, requiring the use of frequent replacement of screwing head. 

pneumatic parts for capping machines.jpg

handheld part for capping.jpg

capping head pneumatic capper.jpg

The adjustable clutch which can effectively avoid the cap damage, and reduce the inner wear. 

Once the cap screwing, card head automatically stops rotating, indicating that you can move on to the next bottle.

The Handheld Capping machine is simple in operation, medicine, pesticide, lubricating oil, cosmetics, 

and other industries ideal for small batch production.

In equipment operation, It can be chosen the appropriate support,

balancer, can then be capping machine portable.

neatly screwed up. The device effectively reduces the labor intensity, guarantee the capping quality.

screw capping machine portable.jpg

Put Chuck onto the Cap to be tightened
Push down switch to active the Capper
The Capper starts and tightens the cap
The Capper automatically shuts off while reaching the pre set torque

Technical parameters of model YX-PC60A capping machine pneumatic capper:

pneumatic capper handheld.jpg                                                  

Model YX-PC60A

Capping range

5-30mm 30-90mm

Working speed


Machine weight(N.W.)


Gas pressure

> 4.5kg/cm2,<6.2kg/cm2

Gas consumption


Quick joint

1/4 Inch 



with support.jpg

The pneumatic capping handheld capper with two capping heads&tripodal support:              

pneumatic capping equipment.jpg

Portable capping machine for Mineral water capping

capping head in hand.jpg

capping heads.jpg

Pneumatic source for capping machine with support/stent

oil water seperator for vacuum capper.jpg

Capping heads for different diameters of caps&capping samples

capping head of portable capping.jpg

capping machinery portable capper.jpg

Wooden case packing for portable pneumatic capping machine with tripodal support:

wooden case for packing machines.jpg


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