liquid filling machine

0.2ml-20ml peristaltic pump pharmaceutical medical liquid aseptic filling machine E-liquid Cigar sma

0.2ml-20ml peristaltic pump pharmaceutical medical liquid aseptic filling machine E-liquid Cigar sma

This liquid filling machine is widely applied in filling of majority of liquids(for example:various drugs,

chemical reagents,oils,skin lotions,beverages,and other particle-free liquids).

It is especially suitable for the clean filling with high precision and free of secondary pollution.

♦Key Features♦

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1)Compared to traditional filling equipment,this machine has teaching and learing function 

which makes operation easier.

2)This machine uses high quality components and materials,integrate microcomputer control 

technology,which makes this machine work more reliably

3)High Filling precision

4)High cost performance

Advantage of Model YX-PF01  peristaltic pump pharmaceutical medical liquid aseptic filling machine E-liquid Cigar small filler equipment Abfuellmaschine kleine 

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The filling machine peristaltic pump filler elevates peristaltic filling technology into a smooth, seamless process in which the sterile product comes into contact with only the FDA approved silicone tubing and filling needle. 

When the process is completed, the tubing can be easily cleaned, or treated as a disposable, to eliminate contamination and facilitate the clean-up validation process.

The peristaltic filling System provides a cost efficient solution for handling small and medium sized batches.  The range of precision for peristaltic filling systems spans

from stand-on-unit to filling systems with up to 16 drives and filling needles controlled by a single master control.  Filling volumes are from 0.1 ml to more than one litre.

Basic parameter of model YX-PF01 Peristaltic pump filling machine high precision:

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Model YX-PF01





Filling Head


Filling Capacity


Bottle Height


Bottle Diameter


Net Weight 32kg

Filling Accuracy




Notice items when operating model YX-PF01 One head peristaltic pump filling machine       




►Check valves must be vertical downward, otherwise affect accuracy   

►filling head must be vertical downward,otherwise affect leakage material.    

► Line corner shoulds not be too small, or affect flow and accuracy.   

►Raw material barrel liquid height difference shoulds not be too big, otherwise affect accuracy.

►Volatile liquid please use in the circulation of air environment.

►Unfavorable use together with high frequency wave machine     

►Unfavorable use together with big load equipment.    

►Filling special liquid must inform the factory to meet the different feeding and discharge tube.

Double heads peristaltic pump liquid filling machine model YX-PF01

double heads peristaltic pump filler.jpg

Filling samples&bottles E liquid from Peristaltic pump filling machine semi automatic

e liquid bottles.jpg


Paper cartons packaging for peristaltic pump liquid filling machines


paper carton case packaging equipment filling.jpg

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Besides the peristaltic pump filling machines we often export magnetic pump filling machines semi automatic

to the global markets .Below are some cases as a reference :

1.high precision small magnetic pump liquid filling machine semi automatic liquid filler Juice perfume

2.high precision liquid filling machine perfume juice pharmaceutical solution filler magnetic pump

3.double heads liquid filling machine magnetic gear pumps semi automatic perfume juice oil filler


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