perfume making machine

perfume bottles labeling machine customized cosmetic glass containers self-adhesive labeller آ

perfume bottles labeling machine customized cosmetic glass containers self-adhesive labeller آ

Our Dubai custmer ordered our plane bottles  labeling machine in June this year .After using and operating the machine for more than
6months our customer Julie gives highly opinion of our labeling  machine model YX-LM510 and has already placed another order for
one set the same machine as the one bought before for perfume bottles labeling .

as follow are the testing video&pictures for the labeling machine model YX-LM510 Newly-ordered from our old customer .in this order we offer one set of
mould without charging the buyer because she is our customer .
Before we start to manufacture the machines our customer should send us the bottles or other samples so that we can customize the machines

accordingly .

here is the samples sent from our Arabian customer like bottles&rolls of labels :

Glass perfume bottles &Rolls of labels sent from our Arabian customer Ms Julie:

perfume bottles labeller machinery.jpg

newly sent labels on 19th oct (1).jpg

Working principles and design drawing for model YX-LM510 plane bottles labeling machine semi automatic:

labeling machine CAD LM510.jpg

labeling machine semi automatic model YX-LM510.jpg

Touch screen controlling information for operation of labeling machines

bag labeler equipment semi automatic.jpg


Technical parameters: (The following technical parameters for the standard model, other special requirements and functions can be tailor-made)

labeling plane bottles.jpg

Applicable label length (mm): 15mm ~ 100mm

Applicable Label width (backing paper width / mm): 15mm ~ 150mm

Applicable Dimensions (length × width × height / thickness): Length: 20mm ~ 200mm

Width: 20mm ~ 150mm

Thickness: 0.2mm ~ 120mm

Applicable standard roll diameter (mm): φ340mm

Applicable standard roll diameter (mm): φ76mm

Labeling accuracy (mm): ± 0.5mm

The standard speed (m / min): 5m/min

Labeling speed (pcs / min): 20 ~ 45pcs/min

Weight (kg): about 48kg

Frequency (HZ): 50HZ

Voltage (V): 220V

Power (W): 145W

Device dimensions (mm) (L × W × H): about 850mm × 410mm × 720mm

Pressure (Mpa): 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa

More detailed picture about labeling machine plane surface labeller equipment

labeling machine for perfume bottles.jpg

back side picture for labeling machines.jpg

mould part for plane surface labeller.jpg 

Final product labelled from model YX-LM510 labeling machines semi automatic:

perfume bottles as final products.jpg

labeling machinery semi automtic.jpg

final products from labeling machinery.jpg


Wooden case packaging before DHL or Ocean or Air freight Shipping


labeling machinery for shipping.jpg


machines with parts.jpg


labeling machinery model YX-LM510 Packaging in case.jpg


After-sales service for YX series labeling machines

labeling machine from PENGLAI.jpg


@before delivery,machine be tested and adjusted at our factory

@English operation manual and relative spare parts offer

@English operation interface

@delivery term:30% of the amount in advance,finish machine within 25 working days,delivery after the balance paid

@after-sale service:1 year guarantee period and lifetime maintenance,as to the fee,damage not caused by personal and within the guarantee period,fix it up for free,otherwise,for charge .


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