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manual filling machines semi automatic plane bottles labeling machine liquid filler flat containers

Manoj R. Thakker from India Rajkot - 360 003 several days ago bought one(1*)semi automatic flat bottles labeling machine model YX-LC02

and Zubair from Lahore Pakistan ordered one(1*)set of manual filling machine model YX-A . Just because they wanted them urgently

we soon speed up the production lead then shipped the machine to the warehouse respectively to Zhongshan Port /Ningbo Port .

Thanks for the WhatsApp Software so that we can get contact imediately with customers and proceeded the business transaction for our

friends As soon as possible.

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Our Company WhatsAapp is 008615811882441

The warehouse receipt for delivering the goods to warehouse in Njingbo Port&ZhongShan Port

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Videos of testing filling &labeling machine semi automatic for our Indian &Pakistan customers

Finally packaging before courier delivering to the warehouses

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manual filling machines for Zubair.jpg

Below are basic description of manual filling machine and semi automatic labeling machine respectively :

1.model YX-A manual filling machines

YX-A series manual filling machine adopts a piston type structure, the liquid, paste and other materials for 0-50 g quantitative filling. Filling of liquid, liquid food, oil, shampoo, shampoo cream liquid substance, with paste liquid filling machine function. Applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and also can be used for sealing the hose has the quantitative filling, is the ideal paste liquid filling equipment.
hopper for filling machine manual.jpg

Equipment characteristics: 

The machine has simple and reasonable structure, convenient manual operation, without any energy.

With the filling volume regulator knob, quantitative discharging, filling rate and filling speed can be controlled manually.

The material contact part uses the 304 stainless steel material, suitable for use under acidic medium, to meet the food, pharmaceutical production and health requirements.

The machine hopper capacity of 10 kg, the user can be set on the filling capacity.

manual for filling.jpg

Technical parameters of model YX-A manual filling machinery

hopper for filling machine manual.jpg

Working mode: Manual

speed: 20-30 times / minute (it differs from man to man. )

Filling range: 0-50ml(external knob, adjustable)

Filling nozzle diameter: 7mmx8mm (diameter x outer diameter)or we have a smaller nozzle,the diameter is 4mm*5mm(diameter x outer diameter)

we will ship these two kinds of the nozzles to you.

Filling accuracy: + 1%

Filling range: 0-50ml   Hopper volume: 10L

Filling speed: 10-25bottles/min

Machine size: 32x22x58mm N.W: 20KG   W.W: 28kgs.

hopper for filling machine manual.jpg


2.model YX-FL02 semi automatic labeling machine


Main Pictures of labeling Machine Semi automatic for flat bottles:

flat bottles labeler equipment.jpg


Testing video for tranparent labels custom labeling machine before DHL delivery to the foreign Buyers


Use: YX-FL02 semi-automatic flat labeling machine achieve semi-automatic labeling the adhesive label or adhesive film on the flat surface of the products.


Effect: improve labeling efficiency, accuracy and quality and stability; Avoid many problems such as low efficiency of labor labeling, skew labeling, bubble, wrinkle, irregular labeling etc;

            Lower product cost effectively and make the product more beautiful which lead the product to be more competitive.


Scope applicable:

labeling machines.jpg

*Label applicable: adhesive labels; adhesive films; electronic supervision code, bar code etc.

*Product Applicable: The flat products which must be labeled with paper label or film label on the surface;

*Industries applicable: Widely used in Chemical, Electric, Medicine, Plastic, and Cosmetic industries etc.

*Application examples: SD card labeling, aluminum bag labeling, plastic bag labeling etc.

Specification of labeling machine semi automatic customized labeler equipment model YX-FL02:

front view for labeling machines.jpg

front view for labeling machines.jpg





20 - 60pcs per minute

Label Width

30 ~ 120mm

Label Length

30 ~ 120mm

Applicable range of container




Max. OD of Label Roll


Label Roll ID


Label pitch


Power Supply

220V 50Hz

Power Rating






Labeling Samples for flat bottles semi automatic custome labeling equipment

flat bottles.jpg

Mrwan sample transparent labels and bottles (3).jpg '

After-sales service for filling labeling machine PENGLAI brand YX series

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