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Romanian customers buy one set magnetic pump liquid filling machines semi automatic for juice fillin

Mr Ammar from Romania recently ordered one (1*)set of magnetic pump liquid filling machine model YX-I for his perfume filling process .

After his agent in China paid our the amount of goods in RMB we soon prepared for the CE certificate and manufacturer's certificate

4 duplicates for each other as well as the filling machine and delivered the machine to the warehouse in Yiwu which locates near

Shanghai east china .

Below is the basic information for this win-win cooperation international business transaction :

The buyer's China agent Paid for the goods via BOC(bank of china) to our company account

BANK OF china.jpg

Testing of machines model YX-I updated magnetic pump filling machine semi automatic liquid filler

Packaging in wooden case for ocean shipping and delivering the goods to customers' china warehouse by SHUNFENG

machines ready with mark filling machine.jpg

BANK OF china.jpg

Below is the basic description of the filling machine model YX-I

As follow there is the detailed description for the magnetic pump filling machines semi automatic model YX-I

semi automatic filling machine liquid filler.jpg

The magnetic pump is drived by magnetic power, the pump head and the motor is connected without shaft,no need worry about the burnout of the motor because of the high load of the pump.

Pump head and motor is imported from Germany, other components are produced in Taiwan, Stable performance, life time is long.

Pumper head is made from 316L stainless steel, acid alkaline, corrosion-resistant.

The motor run is adjusted by potentiometer, the degree of accuracy of filling time can be lower to 0.01 second, so that can guarantee the filling accurately, the filling error is less than 1%. Filling volume is from 5ml-unlimited fillin.

Fully functional, can be operated by hand, foot pedal filling, automatic filling. Interval time can be adjusted.

semi automatic filling machine liquid filler.jpg

Widely applied in various industrious, almost can be used for filling any flow liquid, especially suitable for oil, acid and alkali, high corrosive liquid filling.

 oil perfume for filling machines.jpg




Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, medical, chemical, medical, food industry etc, highly improve production capacity and product quality. Ideal equipment to fill low viscosity liquid like oil,perfume,juice,milk,beverage,ink,water and so on.


Specification of model YX-I magnetic pump filling machines

machines ready with mark filling machine.jpg




Filling Range 

5ml-unlimited filling (adjustable)



Max Power Rate


Mainframe Size


Mainframe Weight




Max Flowing Rate

>2 L/min

Overall Dimension


Pump Quantity



Semi automatic liquid filling machine panel function:

number digital panel.jpg

Filling time : for adjusting the filling time 
Waiting time : waiting time between each filling when the machine is filling automatically .
Counter : filling counter
Filling speed : adjusting the speed
Fiilling machine controller : for adjusting the filling range . When you turn on the machine , push the button "setting"
When the filling range reaches what you want , push the button "setting" once again .
The liquid filling machine will keep the filling range in memory .
Operation instruction:
semi automatic filling machine liquid filler.jpg
1, turn on the machine ,and put the bottle under the filling head 
2, push the button "setting". When the filling reaches the range you want , push the button "setting" once again . Then the machine will keep the filling range in memory .
3, push the button "auto ", and it will work automatically . Push the button "manual", and it will work manually .
4, the warranty of the machine is 1 year .
The pump is diaphragm pump and is consumable . When you find the filling turns slow, please change the pump .
magnetic pump filling machine.jpg


After sales service:
BANK OF china.jpg
filling machines semi automatic.jpg
1,If the machine broken in 1 year (from you buy the machine that day ), we will offer the repair

2,We offer the video to you  teach you how to use ,fix ,maintain this machine

3 ,When the machine broken suddenly ,We offer the instruction like videos&pictures for teaching you how to deal with the emergency

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