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desktop semi automatic liquid filling machine full pneumatic lotion cream filler equipment Machine d

desktop semi automatic liquid filling machine full pneumatic lotion cream filler equipment Machine d

The desktop semi-pneumatic filling machine, mainly adopt the stainless steel, it have good resistant acid and alkdi, certainly it is include the good corrosion. It can meet oil, sweet chili sauce, juice, injection,shampoo,washing-up liquid and paste etc, we can adjust the speed of filling when the machine working. At the same time, the machine adopt the vacuum recovery or moment closure methods, it is stop the liquid dripped.

It is really the good machine for clients choice.


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Technical Parameters of liquid filling machine pneumatic desktop model YX-LC04

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Model YX-LC04-100 YX-LC04-250 YX-LC04-500 YX-LC04-1000 YX-LC04-2000
Range of fill 10-100 60-250 120-500 250-1000 500-2000
Capacity 10-17 7-12 7-12 6-10 6-10



220/20w 220/20w 220/20w 220/20w 220/20w
Frequency(HZ) 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Weight(kg) 35 38 47 55 65
Size of machine(mm) 980*550*1200 1000*500*1100 1100*550*1300 1300*700*1350 1650*700*1200

Feature from semi automatic desktop model liquid filling machine:

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 1. Machine made of stainless steel, material touched part is SS 304 or 316L.


2. Its piston filler, with high filling accuracy.


3. Pneumatic parts adopt AIRTAC brand. 


4. With two types: Bench-top (without stand)/ Vertical type(with stand)


5. Filling Range: 20-5000ml (Can custom according to the requirements)


6. With simple structure, easy to operate and maintain.


7. Working Speed: 0-60 PCS/Min


 Required Details offered from your side :


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(1) What kind material will be filled? Liquid or viscosity?


(2) The filling range: the maximum filling quantity, and minimum filling quantity?


(3) The character of the material, if its with acid or corrosion ?


Optional accessories


a) Needle filling head: Suitable for small diameter hose packaging bottles and filling. Diameter of the needle portion, 

the length can customize the specific dimensions of the container.

b) Ball Control System: suitable for different viscosity and contains particles of materials,

 and can solve the high pressure feed pressures 

c) Hopper: We recommend filling high viscosity product configuration to achieve better filling effect.

d) Lift filling system: when filling filling volume and filling speed according 

to the need to adjust the lift cylinder lifting speed,

so that the filling head as the temperature increased level in order to achieve the purpose of anti-foaming.


Bottles samples for liquid filling semi automatic pneumatic:



bottles for filling.jpg

Wooden/carton case packaging for liquid filling machine pneumatic model YX-LC04 Series


packing in wooden case.jpg


After-sales service & Guarantee for liquid filling machines:


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