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fully automatic sealing machines

fully automatic aluminum foil waddings caps pharmaceutical induction sealing machine electromagnetic continuous sealer equipment water air double cooling way

fully automatic aluminum foil waddings caps pharmaceutical induction sealing machine electromagnetic continuous sealer equipment water air double cooling way

Automatic Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Application OF MODEL Model YX-IS1800 Automatic linear induction sealing machine aluminum caps electromagnetic sealer

aluminum induction sealing machine.jpg

1) Sealing for PET bottles, PP bottles, PVC bottles, PE bottles, HDPE

bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc

2) Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry etc, which

   can highly improve productivity and product quality.

pharmaceutical sealer induction sealing.jpg

Features of electromagnetic induction sealing machine model YX-IS1800:

controlling panel for induction sealing machine.jpg

1. Full stainless steel enclosure and integrated frame, digital display, artistic design;

2. Water cooling circulation system, keeping the power of components at a desirable temperature    range for more reliable operation;

3. With under/over-voltage protection, over-current protection, overheating protection etc.

4. High sealing power, fast sealing, designed for high-speed production lines.

Technique Parameter of Model YX-IS1800 automatic inline aluminum foil induction sealing machines:

induction sealer equipment automated.jpg

Rated voltage


Machine Net Weight

68kg   50kg

The maximum power


Cooling Method

Cool Air/water double

cooling way

Sealing diameter

φ15-75mm 15MM-45MM  30MM-60MM 

Bottle Height


Working methods

continue working

Application Scope

Large Patch of Production

Sealing speed

0-200 bottle/min


Packaging Dimension


Generator size



Stainless Steel


 controlling panel for induction sealing machine.jpg

    Rapid and efficient cap sealing process even if the bottle hole has been stained with a small amount of water,oil or dust.
    Safe to use as the equipment is built in with over-current, over-voltage and output overload protection devices.

    Simplified operation as all functional keys are clearly marked to ease operation.
    Only simple setting is required to adjust the containers of different specifications.

    Fulltransistor modular inductor design with adjustable sensitivity to suit cap sealing of various kinds of containers with different heights.
    Adopted with a high-efficient MOS FET modular design with low defective rate.

    Automatic aluminum foil detection device will automatically sound the alarm when the cap is being detected void of aluminum foil.

    This is to avoid the unsealed products from being flown out of the production line (optional).
    The entire machine is constructed in stainless steel and high-strength aluminum alloy,

    and the surface is enhanced in sophisticated aesthetic treatment.

    Standardized relevant accessories, including the use of European-made steel chain links to enhance durability.

    Machine applicable ambient temperature: 2C~42C ambient humidity: 10~95%. It is suitable to use in various kinds of environmental

Packaging including:

controlling panel for induction sealing machine.jpg

main machine x 1pc;

fuse x 3pcs;

user manual x 1pcs;

quality certificate x 1pc.


Processing inflow for induction sealing machine automatic:

processing line for sealing machine.jpg


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