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semi automatic filling machine

Oxygen gas liquid canning filling machine semi automatic aerosol cans filling machine filler vacuum crimper line

Oxygen gas liquid canning filling machine semi automatic aerosol cans filling machine filler vacuum crimper line

This equipment model YX-ASF500C oxygen filling vacuum crimping machine is pneumatic,used the compressed air as power,no electricity, safe, reliable, and widely used for filling portable oxygen, butane gas cartridge,Cassette gas and other canned gas.

The whole machine consist of two units,one is vacuum crimping machine, the other is gas filling machine. We design it in one working table or two working table .The machine is safe and reliable as well as maintained conveniently .It has small-occupied area and simple operation, belongs to economical aerosol production equipment

Crimping machine

The Sealing diameter and depth are easy to adjust, and sealing quality is reliable. With high sealing speed, reliable sealing quality, as well as simple operation, adjustment and maintenance requirement. The machine is specially used for internal inflating sealing of global and universal 1-inch aerosol valve.

Adjustable Sealing Diameter (mm)26.5~28.5)±0.15

Adjustable Sealing Depth (mm)(0~7)±0.15

Applicable Aerosol Can  Height (mm)60~350

                   Diameter (mm)20~100

Working Pressure (MPa)0.45~0.7

Maximum Air Consumption (L/min)50

Gas filling machine

gas filling machine has fully absorbed the advanced filling machine technology from the Swiss Pamasol Company. so as to accelerate filling speed and accurate measuring. The maximum filling capacity is 500ML(liquid phase),The filling accuracy is ± 1% and filling speed is 600-1000cans per hour.

Maximum Filling Volume (ml)20-500ml(liquid phase)

Repeat Filling Accuracy±1.0%

Applicable Can ModelHeight 60~350mm  Diameter 20-100mm

Working Pressure (Mpa)0.45-0.8Mpa

Maximum Air

Consumption (L/min)60

Samples of O2 Gas:

aerosol cans for filling.jpg

different sizes of cans.png

         (one machine can adjust for filling different volume of bottle)

How to use a canned oxygen?                                                                        

how to use a canned oxygen.png

Packing details and pictures:

tANK connection.jpg

           One crimping and one gas filling machine one working table

           Packing dimension:1300*650*1560mm   170kg

pictures for O2 two seperated table.jpg       

      One crimping and one gas filling machine design on two working table

         Packing dimension: 1100*590*1560mm   140kg

                          1100*590*1560mm   110kg

After-sales Service

1) the machines' quality that we sold will be guaranteed for 36 month.

2) We will give you long time technology supply .

3) We can dispatch our engineer to you for installing and debugging machines

4) Engineer's round -trip tickets ,accommodation ,and your side traveling fee will be charge by you .engineer salary will be USD60/day/person

5) We can also supply you mounting process ,so your engineer and fit and debug machines by themselves.

6) Sweet reminders : All of our semi-automatic machine adopts compressed air as drive, no electricity, anti-explosion, safe And reliable.The motive power of CJXH series semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is compressed air. The customers need equip with an air compressor whose air displacement is 1.2 M3 and pressure is 0.8 Mpa.

7) Special service: As a leading manufacturer in China,we have abundant experiences to purchase aerosol-related accessaries to customers,such as valves,empty aluminum or tin plate bottles,plastic covers,masks. Pls kindly tell me list your requests as detailed as possible.


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