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UV Sterilizer for waste water treatment plant Ultraviolet sterilizing equipment Accessory Reverse osmosis water purification treatment system

UV Sterilizer for waste water treatment plant Ultraviolet sterilizing equipment Accessory Reverse osmosis water purification treatment system

UV Disinfection is the most environmental protection, effective, safety and economical way to kill all bacteria, viruses, yeast,

mold and algae, without adding any chemicals, so it takes no harm to human body and environment.

The UV Disinfection ethnic is recommended to used in all drinking water and wastewater disinfection

UV Sterilizer for Water Treatment Component

Chamber: Stainless steel 304 or 316.


UVC lamp: Low pressure amalgam UV lamp. The lamp is the low pressure high intensity UV lamp.

Preheating improves the lamp lifetime. 254nm wavelength, more than 12000 hours service life.

The lamp is operated and controlled by the electronic ballast of variable power output. The UV output is adjustable between 50%~100%.

Quartz Sleeve & Seal Ring: High transmittance more than 92%. Protection class: IP68; Thickness of tube wall: 1.5mm;

Electrical Cabinet: Housing material: 304 stainless steel; with voltmeter, timer (non-resettable), leakage

protection, fail alarm system; ballast (with CE certificate), Automatic UV Intensity Monitoring System,

Auto-cleaning System: drive by compressed air, set or adjusted by operator: once/1~500 hours, the cleaning ring is of UV resistant Teflon and Viton rubber.

UV Sterilizer for Water Treatment Application

UV sterilizing equipment.jpg

Advanced Water treatment UV Water Sterilizer is recommended in bellow industries:

the electronics industry ultrapure water system sterilization; medicine, food, beverage, chemical, cosmetics and other industrial raw materials, water disinfection;

purified drinking water, mineral water, mountain spring water disinfection; hospitals, hotels, restaurants, public places disinfection of the water supply system.

Basic parameter of UV sterilizer

illustration for UV.jpg

Model T/H UV      
    W PCS mm    
UV-1.3 1.3 10 1 23×1.5×250 DN6/1/4" 255×51×130mm
UV-2.5 2.5 14 1 23×1.5×320 DN12/1/2" 330×51×130mm
UV-3.5 3.5 21 1 23×1.5×480 DN20/3/4" 550×63×130mm
UV-5 5 28 1 23×1.5×620 DN20/3/4" 625×63×130mm
UV-7 7 40 1 23×1.5×910 DN25/1" 920×63×130mm
UV-10 10 80 2 23×1.5×910 DN32/1 1/4" 920×102×280mm


Production of Ultraviolet sterilizing equipment

uv sterilizer.jpg

Illustration&Case  of Ultraviolet Equipment connected with RO water Purification system

ultraviolet connected with water purification.jpg

water purification system.jpg

Ultraviolet sterilizing equipments.jpg

Wooden case packaging for Ultraviolet Sterilizer machinery:

wooden case for filling machines.jpg


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