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fully automatic sealing machines

Wine Bottle Heat Shrink Capsules sealing machine screw caps shrinking capsulating equipment for red grape bottles

Wine Bottle Heat Shrink Capsules sealing machine screw caps shrinking capsulating equipment for red grape bottles

Automatic red wine foil cap shrinking machine screw caps PVC capsulating equipment for glass bottles

Automatic red wine foil cap shrinking machine.jpg

Capsulating caps shrinking machine with protective chamber and bottles distributing system

Videos of whole line for red wine production line in which the Red wine caps shrink capsulating machine is equipped with the production

Specifications of model YX-RC370A Automatic Grape Wine Cap Shrinking Machine red wine screw caps capsulating machinery 

automatic for drinking industry

heat shrink machine for red wine bottles.jpg

red wine foil cap shrinking machine:
1, red wine glass bottle foil cap shrinking machine
2,Capacity: 1000-3000B/H
3, SUS 304

Red Wine Foil Cap Shrinking Machine

The machine is used to shrink aluminium cap for cork on glass bottles, it can be connected in line for automatic operation;
1, The cap will be shrinked averagely, the bottom will be even and without wrinkles;
2, The whole machine is without automatic bottle in and out system, the shrink device is working automatcially also;
3, There is protection device set at bottle turn plate, machine will be stoped automatically if bottle jam happen;

Parametres of caps shrinking capsulating equipment automatic:

capping Head for red wine.jpg
1, Bottle height: 200-370mm
2, Bottle diametre:70-100mm(bottle turn table need)
3, Max capacity:2000BPH(frequency control)
4, Shrink process:105
5, Compressor air source:0.1MPA
6, whole power:380V 1.5KW

PVC shrink caps.jpg

Note: A screw cap is a metal cap that screws onto threads on the neck of a bottle, generally with a metal skirt down the neck to resemble the traditional wine capsule ("foil"). A layer of plastic (often PVDC), cork, rubber, or other soft material is used as wad to make a seal with the mouth of the bottle. Its use as an alternative wine closure is gaining increasing support as an alternative to cork for sealing wine bottles. In markets such as Australia and New Zealand screw caps on bottles have overtaken cork to become the most common means of sealing bottles, right across the wine industry

Capsule samples after being processed by red wine screw caps capsulating shrinking machine


red wine samples.jpg

Due to different materials of red/grape wine shrink caps capsule the sealing head varies in slight different .see the sealing

head in details for the other materials of caps made up of aluminum as below:

capsule caps shrink for red wine model YX-RC370A.jpg

PVC red wine shrink capsule machine.jpg

capsule caps shrink for red wine.jpg

The whole line for red wine rinsing-filling-capping-checking-sealing process

red wine filling line.jpg

After-sales service for automatic wine caps shrinking capsulating machine YX-RC370A from PENGLAI CORP

after sale service filling machinery.jpg



@before delivery,machine be tested and adjusted at our factory

@English operation manual and relative spare parts offer

@English operation interface

@delivery term:30% of the amount in advance,finish machine within 25 working days,delivery after the balance paid

@after-sale service:3years guarantee period and lifetime maintenance,as to the fee,damage not caused by personal and within the guarantee period,fix it up for free,otherwise,for charge.


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